Aircraft Status

We have a total number of 215 aircraft ready for you.

The busiest aircraft is B-KUB .

No. of Aircraft
Aircraft ICAO Aircraft Type Registration Location Hours
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQAVOBL36
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQBRCTP1
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQCRCTP4
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQDRCTP6
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQEVHHH1
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQFVHHH6
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQGVHHH2
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQHNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQINo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQJNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQKNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQLNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQMNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQNNo flight yet!0
B789Boeing 787-9 B-HQOVHHH3
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTAVHHH129
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTBVHHH61
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTCVHHH29
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTDVHHH24
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTEVHHH7
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTFVHHH8
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTGVHHH5
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTHVHHH16
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTIVHHH3
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTJVHHH3
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTKVHHH36
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTLVTSP10
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTMRCTP15
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTNVHHH44
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTOVHHH24
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTPVHHH8
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTQVHHH30
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTRVHHH6
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTSVHHH11
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTTVHHH17
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTUVHHH31
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTVVHHH32
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTWVHHH22
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTXVHHH30
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTYVHHH49
B77WBoeing 777-300ER B-KTZVHHH42
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUAVHHH3
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUBVHHH329
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUCVHHH247
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUDVHHH42
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUEKBOS124
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUFVHHH8
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUGVHHH9
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUHVHHH7
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUIVHHH3
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUJVHHH24
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUKVHHH27
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KULVHHH7
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUMVHHH15
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUNVHHH12
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUOVHHH1
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUPVHHH33
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUQVHHH3
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KURVHHH50
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUSVHHH12
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUTVHHH10
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUUVHHH10
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUVVHHH53
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUWVHHH13
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUXVHHH9
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUYVHHH4
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KUZVHHH10
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KYAVHHH131
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KYBVHHH2
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KYCCYVR72
B77LBoeing 777-200LR B-KYDCYVR81
B77LBoeing 777-200LR C-GHKAOTHH0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR C-GHKBNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR C-GHKCNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR C-GHKDNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR C-GHKENo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR G-OHVAVHHH11
B77LBoeing 777-200LR G-OHVBNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR G-OHVCNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR G-OHVDNo flight yet!0
B77LBoeing 777-200LR G-OHVEEDDF0
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKAVHHH55
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKBRCTP64
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKCCYVR12
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKDVHHH26
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKEVHHH3
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKFVHHH51
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKGVHHH41
B77FBoeing 777F B-LKHCYVR32
B74GBoeing 747-8F B-LYAKATL0
B74GBoeing 747-8F B-LYBVHHH6
B74GBoeing 747-8F B-LYCVHHH0
B74GBoeing 747-8F B-LYDNo flight yet!0
B74GBoeing 747-8F B-LYEVHHH0
B74FBoeing 747-400ERF B-LMAOMDB76
B74FBoeing 747-400ERF B-LMBVHHH6
B74FBoeing 747-400ERF B-LMCVHHH9
B74FBoeing 747-400ERF B-LMDVHHH15
B74FBoeing 747-400ERF B-LMEVHHH4
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSAVHHH0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSBNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSDNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSENo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSFKSFO0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSGNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSHNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSIVHHH0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSJVHHH0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSKRKSI0
B748Boeing 747-8I B-LSLRCTP0
B748Boeing 747-8i C-GOHANo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8i C-GOHBNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8i C-GOHCNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8i C-GOHDNo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-8i C-GOHENo flight yet!0
B748Boeing 747-400 G-OLFANo flight yet!0
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFAVHHH70
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFBRJGG19
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFCVHHH105
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFDPANC12
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFEVHHH7
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFFVHHH15
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFGRJGG9
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFHVHHH7
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFIRJCC3
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFJVHHH1
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFKYSSY11
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFLRCTP5
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFMVHHH4
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFNVHHH6
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFORCTP1
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFPVHHH3
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFQVHHH4
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFRVHHH5
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFSVHHH21
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFTVIDP7
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFUZMUB25
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFVVHHH3
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFWZSNB3
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFXVHHH22
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFYVHHH21
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LFZVHHH57
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LWAOMDB15
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LWBCYVR29
B744Boeing 747-400 B-LWCVHHH128
B744Boeing 747-400 G-OLFBNo flight yet!0
B744Boeing 747-400 G-OLFCNo flight yet!0
B744Boeing 747-400 G-OLFDNo flight yet!0
B744Boeing 747-400 G-OLFENo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAAEDDF12
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HABVHHH15
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HACVHHH25
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HADVHHH9
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAEVHHH3
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAFVHHH9
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAGVHHH3
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAHVHHH8
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAIVHHH7
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAJVHHH4
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAKVHHH4
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HALVHHH7
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAMROAH12
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HANVHHH2
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAOVHHH10
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAPZLXY8
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HAQVHHH3
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HARRCTP7
B738Boeing 737-800 B-HASVHHH47
B738Boeing 737-800 C-GOEACYVR2
B738Boeing 737-800 C-GOEBNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 C-GOECNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 C-GOEDNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 C-GOEENo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 G-OHTAEGKK5
B738Boeing 737-800 G-OHTBNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 G-OHTCNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 G-OHTDNo flight yet!0
B738Boeing 737-800 G-OHTENo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTAVHHH3
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTBNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTCNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTDNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTENo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTFNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTGNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTHNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTINo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTJNo flight yet!0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTKVHHH0
A333Airbus A330-300 B-LTLNo flight yet!0
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZAVHHH6
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZBVHHH1
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZCVHHH7
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZDNo flight yet!0
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZENo flight yet!0
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZFNo flight yet!0
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZGNo flight yet!0
A321Airbus A321-200 B-LZHNo flight yet!0
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQARCKH2
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQBVHHH9
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQCVTCC3
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQDVNKT2
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQERJBB6
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQFRCTP1
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQGRJTT3
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQHVHHH5
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQIVHHH2
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQJVHHH4
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQKVHHH6
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQLVHHH3
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQMZGGG0
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQNNo flight yet!0
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQOVHHH6
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQPVHHH2
A320Airbus A320-200 B-LQQVHHH7